Jupiter and the Carson Epicenter

The evening of Friday, Sept. 17th, 2021

I was just about to go outside and see if Jupiter was as bright in the sky as I hoped it might be when a temblor centered in Carson, about two miles from Long Beach, registered at 4.3. It was a solid jolt to the house, but nothing fell off any shelves. After two or three seconds of intermittent swaying, it seemed as if the shaking headed inland, with some other appointment in mind. Eventually, I went outside and enjoyed the fierce glow of Jupiter, which I could identify as that planet because of Earthsky.org’s fine work in keeping me abreast of what is happening in our solar system, not to mention both near and distant galaxies.

I highly recommend the site, to which I have just now made a modest contribution as it strives to raise $130,000 to keep afloat. Please join me in supporting the poets of science: our comrades in astronomy.

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter September 15 to 18

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