Poet at His Palette

Thursday, October 24, 2019

An hour before having dinner with our friends, the Fanchers, at a restaurant in San Pedro, to celebrate another full turn of the wheel of mutability under the sign of Scorpio.

Poet at Palette - 2019

(photo by Linda Fry)

Tomorrow morning, I must choose from the following:

“The Asteroid Interview”
“Background Check”
“The Filters”
“The Concession”
“The Great Barrier Reef”
“The Comedian as Letter N”
“Instant Adversary”
“The Onslaught”
“Open Face Sandwich”
“Children of the Moon”
“My World Fell Down”
“The One Exception”
“The Thing with Forty Eyes”
“Time Zones”
“Vicarious Census Count”
“The Jugular Notch of Sunset Blvd.”
“The Auctioneer’s Target Practice”