Slater Barron and Karen Holden – STONE ROSE GALLERY

I drove down to San Diego this past Friday to check on my mother and all seemed relatively well. She has benefitted immensely from working with several physical therapists the past couple weeks and seemed in better spirits than I expected. Her situation is a day-to-day proposition, though, and addressing the different needs of my mother and my siblings required a substantial effort on Saturday. I had driven back to Long Beach on Friday, and being a long-distance intermediary is much more challenging than talking with people face-to-face. I suspect that long-distance learning, as it is currently being pushed in college curriculums, will prove to involve equally intricate balancing acts.

The usual round of attractive reading bills beckoned this past weekend. Beyond Baroque had a terrific program with Jan Beatty, Bill Harding, and Maria Gillin, but I simply was not up for another long drive. As a local alternative, on Saturday night, I had hoped to attend Karen Holden’s reading at the Stone Rose Gallery in Long Beach, but didn’t keep a sharp enough eye on the clock and Linda and I ended up arriving after the reading, which began at 7:00 p.m. on the dot. Our tardiness led to missing what the lingering audience described as a very fine reading, although it did not prove to be the publication reading it was advertised as; the book is behind schedule and won’t be out for another two weeks. I’ll make sure to be there on time at the next event, when her book will be there for me to purchase and savor.

While we were at the Stone Rose Gallery, though, we learned of a “must see” show that will open there next week:

Slater Barron “More Is More : A Fifty Year Survey

Stone Rose Gallery

342 East Fourth Street, Long Beach, CA

(562) 436-1600


October 4th – November 1st 2014

Opening Reception

Saturday, October 4, 7-9 p.m.



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