Stop the White Supremacy of Junk Mail!

The junk mail doesn’t stop. By “junk” I don’t mean that the causes that are espoused are frivolous or self-serving, or accomplish nothing in assisting oppressed and persecuted people who find themselves in very unfortunate circumstances. I do mean that I don’t see the point of the inundation of my mail box. “Doctors Without Borders” seems like a worthy organization, but a single donation has caused a relentless arrival of letters requesting additional contributions. Various other causes on behalf of social justice and environmental projects more than do their part to fill my mailbox. The image is roughly ten weeks worth of junk mail. There is no “season” for junk mail, however. It’s year-round, so you can multiply this image by at least five to get the annual harvest. It does seem to have let up a bit recently, but not by much.

None of these requests contain detailed budgets or provide specific details on how their organizations are working on their own self-governance to correct the social imbalances of white power. Obviously, the mailing lists are for sale, which is one of the major goals of the fundraisers, who know that some people are very good at ignoring emails from non-profit corporations.

White I recycle this unopened mail, it feels as if it’s a losing proposition, since far more energy was wasted in the production and delivery of this material than can ever be recovered in “recycling.”

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