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Malibu Library Reading Postponed; Bill Mohr’s “Super Bowl” alternative reading

Bad News; Good News: Malibu Library Reading Postponed until April
Good News: KPFK will broadcast “WHY POETRY?” with guest Bill Mohr on SUNDAY

Due to the series of storms that are heading towards California’s coastline this weekend, my reading at the Malibu Library on Saturday, February 2, has been postponed until April. The wildfires that scorched so much of the Santa Monica Mountains a few months ago have left Pacific Coast Highway, as well as many perpendicular canyon roads, vulnerable to mudslides. PCH, in fact, was briefly blocked by a debris flow during Thursday’s storm, which was a mild one compared to the two-plus inches of rainfall expected on Saturday. The forecast is for rain in the early a.m. on Saturday, that will then become rain buffeted by wind from 5 a.m. to noon. At mid-day, the storm is predicted to shift to “heavy rain/wind.” The reading was scheduled to start at 11 a.m., a point by which far too many roads might be less than desirable to be driving on.

Obviously, one could undertake such a trip, if necessary, but for those who want to hear my poetry, I would urge you to enjoy the alternative event that happens to be scheduled for this coming Sunday. Several months ago, Paul Lieber invited me to join him at KPFK’s studios to record a program of my poems and commentary. We had a lovely time talking about poetry and the edited broadcast is now scheduled for Sunday, February 3, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. For those of you who are as indifferent to the sports event called the Super Bowl, this broadcast provides the perfect chance to let your friends know how you have something far more interesting in mind.

In case anyone outside of Los Angeles County might be tempted to think that Ricardo and I were intimidated by the thought of the slightest shower on Saturday, here is the link to an update on the Southern California weather front:

‘Stay home’: Monster storm headed our way. Here are warnings, timing, expected impact


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