“Just in Time” — Live music with Paul Vangelisti’s reading

Wednesday, January 3, 2024 — ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

“Just in Time” — Paul Vangelisti and Robyn’s Nest

During the pandemic, Harry E. Northup made use of the production facilities at MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund), where he lives and continues writing as one of those rare actors with a substantial career who is also a superb poet, to produce a poetry show that is broadcast through the internet.

Because so many of the residents of MPTF are elderly, the facility has been vigilant in isolating itself from the ravages of the pandemic. Although the virus is still causing havoc, it has receded enough so that live performances have returned to MPTF. Anyone who lives within driving distance of MFPT should make their way to this venue for this distinctive combination of poetry and music.

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