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“The Soccer Players” — 1:00 minute long

Sunday, January 26, 2019

Over a quarter-century ago, New Alliance Records was releasing a considerable number of recordings of poets under the category of “Spoken Word.” I have no idea of how many copies ever sold, though I saw that label’s releases of “Vehemence” in such outlets as Tower Records on Sunset Blvd., and I still see a few copies available on the internet’s bazaar. Harvey Kubernik was a record producer who somehow convinced SST records that his projects could at least cover their costs, and perhaps they did. In addition to solo projects, he put together a number of “anthologies” of spoken word, one of which was a concept album of pieces that took exactly one minute to read. Laurel Ann Bogen, Kathi Martin, Eloise Klein Healy, and Charles Harper Webb were among the contributors to this project. My piece was entitled “The Soccer Players.” I have been working on my archives, in order to place them at a library, and ran across this recording, which I think was made in 1994.