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Ron Ozuna’s Photographs of Bolsa Chica

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bird Photographs and Other Links

Ron Ozuna has been traversing California’s wetlands for several years and taking photographs of birds, and I am delighted to have gotten his permission to share links with his work. The other links in today’s post have been chosen out of variety of my reading and listening to music the past couple weeks. It’s a cold and windy morning here in Long Beach, California, and it is supposed to get much more chilly tonight. I only wish that some rain would arrive.

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If you want to see more of Ron Ozuna’s avian advocacy, see the following links:

Ron Ozuna at MONO LAKE and elsewhere:


2016_05_15_0wens Lake

2016_05_17_Hahamongna Devils Gate Dam:

2016_05_19_Central Park & Library Huntington Beach:

Piute Pond (near Lancaster)

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Memories of the western tanager

Saturday, May 10, 2014

When I turned 20 years old in late October of 1967, I was living in Imperial Beach, California and beginning my first faltering attempts at writing poetry in classes taught by Glover Davis at San Diego State. I caught a ride to school from a young woman named Cindi, who was engaged to a forest ranger. On weekends, there was little to do in Imperial Beach but read poetry and plays. One afternoon in the winter months of 1968, I rode a bicycle along some dirt roads that took me into the fields past the Edgars’ cow farm. I looked over at a field one point and stopped pedaling. Several dozen birds that I was later to identify as western tanagers were on the ground in the field. I had never seen such a beautiful bird, and never again saw them until a few years ago I stopped at a rest stop halfway down to San Diego. This time there were fewer than twenty of them, but I’m quite certain that the birds I saw were western tanagers. Sometimes a vision return to confirm that it was not merely yearning unfulfilled.

I was reading the interview with Jim Krusoe in “RipRap” magazine yesterday. He said he believed that writers are divided into questioner and answerers. I suppose I am a questioner who has learned that God will not listen to any of my questions until I mistakenly believe with all my heart that I have found the answer to more than one of them. The irony, of course, will be that — by sheer, predestined chance — part of my answer will be correct; the problem is that there’s no way I can ever knew which part that is.