A Literal “Hostile Takeover” — Trump’s Brown Shirts Go to Work

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The notion that a wealthy real-estate businessman has employed the corporate tactics of a “hostile takeover” on the U.S. government is hardly a new insight. One has only to type “Donald Trump hostile takeover” into one’s browser and the links to articles on that theme over the past five years pop up like students waving their arms for a professor’s attention. “I know the answer. I know the answer. Call on me.”

What our nation witnessed yesterday, however, gave new meaning to “hostile takeover.” The invasion of the Capitol building by the brown shirts of the White Privilege Party (aka GOP/Republican) underlined the dangers that the ideals of democratic governance now confront. As even the coach of a professional sports team has pointed out, white privilege was on full display on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. I am sure that the athletes who are on his team are perfectly aware that if a group of BLM protestors had engaged in the same behavior, guns would have been immediately drawn and at least a dozen, if not two dozen African-Americans would have been killed.

Two days ago, I predicted what I thought might happen on January 20th and said that I was confident enough to bet a hundred dollars on that scenario. At this point, all bets are off. I am in favor of impeaching Trump and bestowing upon him the distinction of being the only president in U.S. history to be put on trial twice. And this time I would hope that Mitt Romney’s colleagues would join him in voting guilty.

I doubt that anyone who is a Republican reads my column, but one never knows, so I do want to say this. There are Republican politicians I respect as individuals devoted to the political experiment that is still functioning as of this morning in the United States. While I voted for Al Gore, I would have been infinitely happier had John McCain become president in 2000. If Mitt Romney had defeated President Obama in 2012, I would have been intensely disheartened, but I would have been able to say the words “President Romney” with courteous deference. One of the saddest counter-factual is that Romney did not realize how difficult it is to dislodge an incumbent president; if only he had waited until 2016 to run, I believe he would have been able to stop Trump. Romney, and Romney alone, was capable of gaining the nomination over Trump. We will live with the consequences of this miscalculation for at least one decade, if not two or three.

Trump is a total disgrace. Impeach and convict.


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