A poem by Harry Northup for Wanda Coleman

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


In Memoriam


Today, I walked with a nuance; it has its vocation

& is of the spirit.


Where the muse allows us to go, blesses the spirit.

To not bully or order words around,

To not interrupt words.


Marriage was a waist around her, sheltering.

With her fires & flowers blooming

adoration aside, she shelters our

journey, beckons, subsides, the quarter

moon invites star-shaped sea flowers mighty mist.

What do we have but a road & a sky.

The red sash dashes towards the door & a hand

made of red roses sends childhood pictures.

The nuance is there is no childhood; it’s a mint

green flower at the pool’s end. For within the opening I

leave the nuance, sit in shadow, face hidden.

Lexington & Kenmore, I look up & all the lights in the sky

are Wanda’s eyes.


11   28   13

Harry E. Northup


(Published with the permission of the author, Harry E. Northup. Copyright Harry Northup. All rights reserved to the author.)


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