Anthology Submission Announcement for Redondo Poets

Monday, January 16, 2017

Larry Colker and Jim Doane, who curate the Redondo Poets at the Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach, are soliciting poems from anyone who has read in the series for a 20th anniversary anthology. When they started being weekly co-hosts in one of the truly staid but droll side-pockets of Los Angeles County, e-mail was still the domain of relatively few people, so Jim and Larry have requested that all readers from the second decade spread the word about their project in hopes that featured poets who read in the first decade will contact them. They are also willing to consider submissions from people who read at the open mike for the series.

The deadline for sending poems to this anthology, which will be published electronically, is May 1, 2017. The address to send requests for guidelines is:

According to my records, I have been a featured reader at Redondo poets twice, but I have also read at a couple of the open mikes. In particular, I remember reading several ghazals at an open mike for the reading that Richard Garcia and Katherine Williams gave on December 9, 2014. During the previous three months, thanks to a RSCA grant from CSU Long Beach, I had been working on a series of ghazals, “The Jugular Notch of Sunset Blvd.” Richard’s response to my reading of some of those poems was an important affirmation of my project, and I selected two of those ghazals for consideration in their anthology in appreciation of Richard’s comment.

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