BACKSTORY: “12 Angry Men” at the Victory Theater (featuring Bill Mohr’s monologue “Whose Gun”)

A considerable number of poets in Los Angeles have been involved with theater, film, television, and radio drama over the years, including Harry Northup, Suzanne Lummis, Jack Grapes, Viggo Mortensen, Beth Ruscio, Paul Vangelisti, Michael Lally, Robert Peters, Murray Mednick, Wanda Coleman, Rob Sullivan, and Alexis Rhone Fancher. That list is only partial, of course, and is meant only to suggest the variety of poets who work in other mediums.

In recent years, The Victory Theater Center, in Burbank, has been exceptionally open to poets in a bimonthly series called “BACKSTORY,” in which Carl Weintraub and Adele Slaughter choose themes based on movies and bring together an ensemble of writers and poets to address these themes, no holds barred.

This coming Sunday, the classic film “12 Angry Men” will serve as the context for a sequence of monologues and poems that had a rehearsal on Thursday, via Zoom, that was as exciting as any poetry reading I’ve ever been to. I hope you can attend in person, but it will also be broadcast on Zoom.


BACKSTORY: 12 ANGRY MEN – Sunday, April 16th – 7:30 p.m.

Augustus Britton
Rashim Cannad
Gerald James
Leon Martel
Robert McDowell
Bill Mohr

Hosted by Carl Weintraub

The Victory Theatre Center
3326 West Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Bill Mohr’s monologue is entitled, “Whose Gun.”

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