BACKSTORY at the Victory Theater: “Honorable Discharge: I Want My Life Back”

Friday, November 6, 2020

“Backstory” is a series of presentations by the Victory Theater in Los Angeles in which writers and actors focus on a single theme in monologues that are presented in the theater itself. With the onset of the pandemic, “Backstory” shifted to Zoom. I was asked last spring to be part of its first online show, which was going to be devoted to “The Ten Commandments.” I chose “Honor Thy Father and Mother,” and read a piece entitled “Honorable Discharge: I Want My Life Back.”

Here is the link to “BACKSTORY”:

“Honorable Discharge: I Want My Life Back”

The photograph on top is the front of the skilled nursing facility in which my mother died in August, 2019; at the top of the photograph, one can see the theater masks I refer toward the end of my prose introduction to my poem “Wrinkles.”
The bottom photograph is of the Wood Rose, which made its debut as a seedling several months ago.

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