Beyond Baroque’s Tribute to Poet-Actor Harry Northup, 9/16/23; 2 pm (PST)

Friday, September 15, 2023

Tomorrow afternoon, at 2:00 p.m. (PST), Beyond Baroque will host a three-hour tribute to Harry Northup, an iconic poet-actor who in the past 50 years has somehow managed to pull off the improbable feat of a career as an actor in both cinema and theater and simultaneously produce an enormous amount of quietly provocative as well as astonishing poetry. It should be noted that the preservation of his writing has already been honored by one of the best possible distinctions: both his literary archive and the literary archive of Holly Prado, his beloved poet-spouse, are enshrined in the Archive for New Poetry at the University of California, San Diego. Other poets who have their writing there, catalogued and ready for scholarly researchers on contemporary poetry to go to work on, include Paul Blackburn, Lee Hickman, Paul Vangelisti, Ron Silliman, Lyn Hejinian, Clayton Eshleman, Douglas Messerli, and Mark Salerno, as well as Holly Prado and myself.

If you don’t know Harry’s poetry, here is a chance to listen in to a community that treasures his writing.

This is your Eventbrite link to be part of the audience tomorrow afternoon, at 2:00 p.m. (PST):

Here is the order of the readers:

The Order:

1. Quentin Ring

2. George Drury Smith

3. Amy Gerstler

4. David Lloyd Glover

5. Jack Skelley

6. Laurel Ann Bogen

7. Steve Goldman

8. Amelie Frank

9. Jeanette Clough

10. Phoebe Macadams

11. Aram Saroyan

12. Courteney Bailey

13. Beth Ruscio

14. Bob Beitcher

15. Jennifer Clymer

16. Corinne Conley

17. Michael C Ford

18. Richard Modiano

19. Celeste Goyer

20. James Cushing

21. Susan Hayden

22. Holaday Mason

23. Sarah Maclay

24. Mike Sonksen

25. Gail Wronsky

26. Pam Ward

27. S.A. Griffin

28. Bill Mohr

29. Harry Northup


Here are some of the poems by Harry and Holly that will be read:

Corinne Conley: The John Ford Chapel and Lincoln Highway
Jimm Cushing: Father-Son Dialogue and Father-Son Dialogue 2
Jack Skelley: Messenger Killing
David Lloyd Glover: Lunch
Holaday Mason: Day in Triple Light, Pastoral
Phoebe MacAdams: April (by Holly Prado)
Amy Gerstler: The Images We Possess Kill the Capturing and Make A Poem
Laurel Ann Bogen: Memory Laundry
S.A. Griffin: Humility and A Lowrider, Justly Anticipation
Susan Hayden: she brought gardens into our home
Sarah Maclay: The Tall, Upheaving One (by Holly Prado)
Bill Mohr: I Cut My Mind Open in an Esso Station

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