Caliban (on-line): The 25th Issue

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Larry Smith has just written and said that the 25th issue of his on-line edition of CALIBAN magazine is now up and available for your reading. I am very honored to to have a new poem, “The Transversal,” published in this issue, along with the work of several comrades who have been writing poems for many, many decades.

CALIBAN (on-line): Issue No. 25 (Fall, 2016)
featuring (in order of appearance)
Nathaniel Mackey
Robert Gregory
Cindy Rehm
Robin Hudechek
Frank Rubino
Jim Zver
Stephanie Dickinson
Tim Kahl
Ray Gonzalez
Bill Mohr
John M. Bennett and Thomas Cassidy
Raymond Farr
Ivan Arguelles
James Grabill
Rigoberto Rosales-jalil
Salvatore Difalco
Florina Enache
Barbara Lai Benett
Jeff Harrison
Jay Passer
Cristian Del Risco
Denver Butson
Oguns Peter
Guy R. Beining
Graham Coppin
John Bradley
Jose Luis Gutierrez
Carlos Franco
David James
Christopher Barnes
Zoe Lee

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