Elena Karina Byrne’s “Enchanting Verses” Anthology of American Poetry

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Elena Karina Byrne has edited an anthology as part of The Enchanting Verses series of annual collections that focus on a specific country. This anthology focuses on poetry from America, and constitutes issue XXV in this sequence. Over sixty poets have had poems selected for this issue, and Byrne’s editorial acuity is unusual in its willingness to incorporate the writing of a substantial number of West Coast poets into an overview of renown figures more typically associated with the East Coast. Here is the link to this exceptional collection, which I would recommend to poets and teachers everywhere as a resource for their friends and students in the coming semester.


Issue XXV – August 2017
(Silver Jubilee Edition)
Poetry from America
edited by Elena Karina Byrne

featuring poems by
Kim Addonizio
Kaveh Akbar
Maureen Alsop
Ralph Angel
Tony Barnstone
Molly Bendall
Laurel Ann Bogen
Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Elena Karina Byrne (Editor, Issue XXV)
Helene Cardona
Victoria Chang
Jennifer S. Cheng
Cathy Colman
Brendan Constantine
Meg Day
Travis Wayne Denton
Stuart Dischell
Jawanza Dumisani
Kim Dower
Lynnell Major Edwards
Angie Estes
Kathy Fagan
Katie Farris
Vievee Francis
Richard Garcia
Ramon Garcia
Terrance Hayes
Juan Felipe Herrera
Mark Irwin
Douglas Kearney
David Lehman
Suzanne Lummis
Tom Lux
Sarah Maclay
Holaday Mason
Sebastian Matthews
Jeffrey McDaniel
Christopher Merrill
Constance Merritt
Gabriel Meyer
Jennifer Militello
Bill Mohr
Sawnie Morris
Rusty Morrison
Kelli Anne Noftle
Candace Pearson
Martha Rhodes
Atsuro Riley
Don Share
David St. John
Brian Kim Stefans
Lynne Thompson (Editor’s Choice)
Quincey Troupe
Sarah Vap
William Wadsworth
Charles Harper Webb
Phillip B. Williams
Jane Wong
Gail Wronsky
Matthew Zapruder
Mariano Zaro
plus translations, essays, and interviews

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