Five Poems by Bill Mohr in Italian

Ant Mound - Sixth Street

Saturday, August 26, 2017

One of the poets I met in Mexico City during my trips there to read my poetry was Stefano Strazzabosco, with whom I exchanged copies of books of poetry. His volume was a book-length poem focusing on ants, which I at first regarded as a self-contained trope, but now realize needs to be thought about as part of the emergence of poetry within ecological discourse. Strazzabosco’s imagination, however, wears a droll mask, and as far as I can tell, he views his role of a poet as one in which he sets an example of the effects of poetry in choosing how to live. If that encourages others to commit to the social work of healing ruptures on the planet, all the better, but nothing is enforced.

Strazzabosco has just written to let me know that he has translated several of my poems into Italian and had them published in a blog. Following on the recent translation of my poems into Croatian, I feel as if some kind of geographical destiny is at work, since Northern Italy and Croatia sketch a kind of northern crescent to the Adriatic Sea.

You can find his translations of my poems at:

Thank you, Stefano.

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