Net Neutrality and the FCC

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I just sent the following message to the FCC:

Dear FCC:

The internet developed as a direct result of taxpayer-funded research and belongs to the commonwealth of citizen and immigrant taxpayers (not corporate tax-evaders). To privatize the hierarchy of services available on the internet is to defraud all of us who made the development of the internet possible. Net neutrality now, net neutrality in 2020, net neutrality in 2222.


Bill Mohr


Several days of record-breaking temperatures made for a sleepless night last night. It was simply too hot for me to do more than doze off into a light REM state and then awaken, walk around, and stretch out again with the sole hope of resting. Around 4 p.m. I finally simmered down into something resembling sleep, but the harsh light of yet another smothering welter of a day hissed its way through the drawn shades with a scathing whisper of derisive contempt for our comfort. Linda had slept better and she was already up and kindly brought me coffee and a slice of toast. Fortified, I headed out to move the car before the street sweepers got to where I had parked it last night on the other side of the small-scale connector freeway called Seventh Street. (One can get off the 405 and drive straight onto Seventh Street and keep going until one is directly lead onto an onramp to the 710 freeway. Such a move would require no lane change whatsoever.) A tree-trimming operation was already tidying up with a  left-blower on the other side of the street from where I parked; the car was dowsed with palm tree sawdust.

Now for another cup of coffee: time to start grading research papers.