“Nolo Contendere”: A Side-Door Acquital

Thursday, January 30, 2020

As the Senate prepares for a vote of acquittal in President Trump’s impeachment trial, the refusal to call witnesses becomes essentially a plea of “nolo contendere.” In “acquitting,” the GOP admits that it cannot refute the claim that the President used public money, allotted for the defense of a country against the predations of a foreign power, as a means of attempting to extract information that would help his re-election campaign. The Senate of the U.S. Congress appears to have a “client,” the U.S. President, a rather unusual arrangement in a legal proceeding.

None of this should be surprising, just as Trump’s re-election by the Electoral College in 2020 should not catch anyone off-guard. Senator Diane Feinstein once again revealed her faux liberal inclinations by saying recently that she believed the voters in the upcoming election should decide whether Trump remains president. And what will she say when Trump’s opponent receives 70 million votes, “defeating” Trump by over 6,000,000 votes — and yet — yes, unbelievably yet — Trump remains president? How can a man loathed by a majority of the American public be reelected? Just watch. In terms of malfeasant corruption, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Well, hush money in all its various subtle iterations is nothing new in this president’s operations. That GOP senators could admit that Trump did commit the transgressions detailed in the House charges, but not convict him only shows that they are utterly beholden to those whose wealth ranks them in the top one tenth of one percent. No doubt this tiny sliver of people, who own almost as much wealth as one-half of the U.S. population, will find ways to “reward” those GOP senators for limiting their censure of the President to remarks that his attempted shake-down of the Ukrainian government was “inappropriate.” In fact, would any of us be shocked if we found out that GOP senators had called certain wealthy constituents and said, “I’ve been thinking about my impeachment vote. Would you do me a favor?”



It should be noted that the legal challenges involving the ratification of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) are intertwined with the struggle to forestall the imposition of a political tyrant on this country’s taxpayers.


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