Program for the 11th International Literary Festival in San Luis Potosi

Programa de mano Letras 2015 alta res

I have just received the official program for the literary festival in San Luis Potosi two weeks from now and wish to pass it on to anyone curious about the vitality of Mexican literature in 2015. I am honored to be included in the discussion and look forward to meeting poets whose work I will study in the years to come. I especially want to thank Jorge Humberto Chavez for the invitation to read at San Luis Potosi. He will be reading in Los Angeles on September 5th.

Recently, I have been preparing for my trip by reading Mexican Poetry Today: 20/20 Voices a bilingual anthology, edited by Brandel France de Bravo (Shearsman Books, 2010). One gets a sense of how much poetry is flourishing in Mexico from the lack of overlap between this anthology and the poets who are reading at the SLP Festival. A quick comparison of the program and of the anthology yielded only one poet (Luis Aguilar) who was both in the anthology and reading at SLP.




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