Sister Wendy Beckett; Jameson Taillon; Syed Ali

Wednesday, December 26, 2018



“I’m all for atheists. They have rejected the false god. Now it’s on to find the true one.” — Sister Wendy Beckett (February 25, 1930- December 26, 2018)

* * *

“The quality of your coffee sets the tone for the day. It’s the first moment you have to gather yourself, so why would you want to do it over a crappy cup of coffee?” — Jameson Taillon

* * *

Let us remember, too, that there are police officers out there demonstrating tenacious courage and extraordinary acumen in dealing with situations fraught with potential for tragedy. We should all give a salute of appreciation to NYPD officer Syed Ali, who certainly deserves better treatment he received at the hands of Trump’s bureaucracy.