The 40th and Final Issue of CALIBANonline magazine

July 16, 2020

Lawrence R. Smith has just posted the 40th and final issue of the online version of CALIBAN magazine, which in turn was the successor of the 20th century print culture edition. I was saddened to learn in the issue of the death of the artist Ellen Wilt (1921-2020), who continued to work until the very end.

The final issue is the usual very fine blend of poems, prose poems, and visual art; in particular I want to mention the art work of Janet Kauffman (“The Book of Nials”) and the poems Karen Garthe and Tim Kahl. The issue opens with piece that is both critique and resilient incantation (“The Ethos of Capital: Reductive Possibility”) by the indefatigable Will Alexander. I will quote part of Jim Grabill’s statement at the end of the issue as a way of summing up the appreciation of all contributors and readers of CALIBAN over the years:

“Thank you, Lawrence Smith…. You’ve valued work that lives outside the frame, that corresponds with 20th century outbreaks of surrealism, liminal imagism, anfractuous thalassic personism, bio-associative cultural ethicism, and other unnamed thoracic and often spontaneous poetic forms ready to handle bonanzas of disparity and scrupulous estates on the field of integration.” — James Grabill

ALL 40 ISSUES WILL REMAIN ONLINE INTO THE INDEFINITE FUTURE. Now for the re-visions of reading to begin!

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