The Argonaut’s Obituary for Frank T. Rios

About three weeks ago, I posted a blog entry taking note of the passing of Frank T. Rios, one of Stuart Z. Perkoff’s most loyal companions. Since I am in the midst of trying to finish the final draft of an article on Venice West for Nancy Grace, who is editing a volume of essays on Beat writers and Beat culture, I will limit my entry today to a link to this fine obituary on Frank T. Rios by Kyle Knoll.

A Vessel for the Muse

Before I talked to Mr. Knoll, I opened Rios’s memoirs of a street poet at random and the poem I encountered was entitled, “vote.” If I can get permission, I am going to post it on this blog. It is one of the best “political” poems I have read and should be read by every political persuasion, especially since we are being continually reminded that this upcoming election is the “most important one ever.” So is the breakfast I will east in a half-hour.

At some point down the line, the poetry written by those associated with Venice West will become better known, making the complexity of the West Coast canon all the more intriguing.

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