The November, 2020 Roll-Call of Past Posts

In addition to my political commentary, here is a list of the people and cultural items I have posted entries on at some point in the past several years and that caught my readers’ attention in the months of October and November, 2020. Should you be new to this blog and wish to get a quick sense of the range of my topics, you would probably be best served by typing my name and one of the following five dozen or so names or subject headings into your browser:

Self-Quarantine Poem Number One: Walt Whitman’s Hammock on Pine Island
Interlitq: the California Poets Issue (Part 1
Best U.S. Poetry Books of this Decade (A List in Progress)
Suzanne Lummis in the “New Yorker”
Hold-Outs: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance, 1948-1992
“The War in Heaven”: Steve Kent and Sam Shepard (1943-2017)
The Garden City Horse Sculpture
Holly Prado (1938 – 2019)
Papa Bach Bookstore
Chatterton’s Bookstore
“The Gossip of Ideology: Sexual Jokes and the Tumescence of Power”
“The Comedian As Letter N” on MAGRA RADIO
Pruebas Ocultas — Publishing Update
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center (Venice, CA)
Beat Scholars’ Wish List, 2020
The W-E Bicoastal Poets of the Pandemic Reading Series
Blue Collar Review
UNAM Poetry Workshop; FILU in Xalapa
AI “Drivers,” Truckers, and the Long Haul of “Jobless” Training
Encore: Trump’s “Concession Speech” — November 4, 2020
Grand Jury Indictment Time for the Trumpsville Express
157,000,000 Votes in 2020: The Constitutional Referendum
The Direct Election of the Next L.A. Poet Laureate
“Struck by Lightning: A Tribute to Robert Mezey” (1935-2020)
(Post-script to “Subjects”: Films reviewed in the past include “1917”; “Roma”; “Struggle”; “Born Again”; “Parasite.”)

Wanda Coleman
Kate Braverman
Holly Prado
Harry Northup
Paul Vangelisti
Bob Flanagan
Harryette Mullen
Kevin Opstedal
Alexis Rhone Fancher
Ron Silliman
Eloise Klein Healy
Michael McClure
Suzanne Lummis
Viggo Mortensen
Art Beck
Austin Straus
Robert Mezey
Philip Levine
Charles Bukowski
Charles Harper Webb
Laurel Ann Bogen
John Thomas
Beth Ruscio
Carol Ellis
Scott Wannberg
Lewis MacAdams
Hey Sook Park
Gil Fagiani
Christopher Buckley
Sam Shepard
Lewis Warsh
Brian Jones
Andrew Tonkovich
Eileen Aronson Ireland
Frank T. Rios
Eugene Ruggles
Ed Smith
Paul Violi
Patty Zeitlin
Joseph Hansen
John Harris
Bruce Andrews
Margaret Tynes Fairley
John Prine
James Tate
Louis Simpson

The context for writing blog posts that cited or discussed the above people (not all of whom I knew on a personal level, to be sure) is my familiarity with the following people, most of whom extended at some point in their lives a degree of friendship or supportive affiliation I never would have thought possible sixty years ago, when I was a bereft adolescent. Along with my spouse and her siblings and nephews and nieces, as well as my own extended family and a handful of discerning colleagues a CSULB, I hope this gesture of gratitude suffices for the moment. Happy holidays, and a much happier new year!

Brooks & Lea Ann Roddan
Bob & Judy Chinello
Jim Krusoe
David James
Alicia Ostriker
Harley Lond
Anthony Seidman
Michael Lally
Cecilia Woloch
Robin Myers
Laurence and Nancy Goldstein
Jack Grapes
Kathryn MacMahon
Mark Weiss
Gail Wronsky & Chuck Rosenthal
Nancy Grace
Ronna Johnson
Peter Levitt
Marsha de la O
Phil Taggart
Terry Braunstein
Dinah Berland
Joan Jobe Smith
Fred Voss
Phoebe and Ron Ozuna
Ron Koertge
Doren Robbins
Will Alexander
George Drury Smith
Anselm Berrigan
Paul Tayyar
Standard Schaefer
Timothy Steele
Deborah and Wayne Clayton
Susan Hansell
Audri Phillips
Nicole M. Street
Michael Hannon
Larry Smith
Jose Luis Rico
Mineko Grimmer
Carol Colin
Ted Waltz
Amy Uyematsu
Ioanna Warwick
Rick Lupert
Brendan Constantine
Christina Zawadiwsky
Mark Salerno
Michael Kincaid
Max Benavidez
Murray Mednick
Walter Hadler
Lynn McGee
Ellen Sander
Jim Cushing
Pete Fairchild
Marie Lecrivain
Juan Delgado
Jordan Jones
Molly Bendall
David James
Kevin McNamara
Michael Davidson
Donald Wesling
Steven & Risa Axelrod
John and Susan Grove
Alan Golding
Stephen Motika
Ann Robbins
Joyce Jenkins
Robert Peters
Joe Safdie
Kit Robinson
Jed Rasula
Edward Brunner
Rae Armantrout
John Lowney
Meeson Pae Yang
Craig Bolotin
Terence Diggory
Daniel Tiffany
Brian Kim Stefans
Natalie Gerber
Frank Kearful
Barrett Watten
Lyn Hejinian
John Whalen-Bridge
George Hart
Michelle T. Clinton
Martha Ronk
Dennis Phillips
Douglas Messerli
Michael C. Ford
Joe Safdie
Jim Moore
Patricia Hampl
Robert Mezey
David St. John
Exene Cervenka
John Doe
Rod Bradley
Ellen Bass
Douglas Kearney
Marilyn Nelson
Gail Newman
Eileen Myles
Celia Carlson
S.A. Griffin
Barbara Maloutas
Marie Thibault
Jim McVicker
Terry Oates
Tom Lux
Cathay Gleeson
Brent Maddock and Patsy Wright
Kathi Flood
Jim Conn
Patty Zeitlin
Liza Richardson
William A. O’Brien
Claude Zachary
Quentin Ring
Michelle Bitting
Dale Herd
Sandra Tanhauser
Brad Westbrook
Susan Anderson
Marshall Davis
William Slattery
Lee Rossi
Consuelo Marshall
Kimberly Enedy
James Grabill
Fred Dewey
Lenny Durso
Jack Skelly
Dennis Cooper
John Bonero
Steve Davis
Carl Sedon
Dennis Ellman
Glover Davis
Janet Cornwell
Tim Reynolds
Aleida Rodriguez

William (“Koki”) Iwamoto, founder, Chatterton’s Bookstore
Leland Hickman (1934-1991)
Peter Schneidre (1947 – 2008)
Manazar Gamboa (1934-2000)
Len Roberts (1947-2007)
Larry Colker (1947-2018)
Marine Robert Warden
David Antin
Austin Straus (1939-2017) 1
Larry Colker (1947-2018)

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