Bill Mohr – Featured Poet in TRAMPOLINE magazine

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I just found out that I am the “featured poet” on Trampoline magazine’s website. The two poems will be part of the upcoming issue (number 21), which will be posted in the not too distant future.

I recommend the editor’s poems, by the way. Take a look at Justin Lacour’s love sonnets.

Poetry Feature – Justin Lacour


As a background note for the pair of poems in TRAMPOLINE, I wrote “Standing Fan” first, and sent it off to him. I had been in an earlier issue of this magazine, but hadn’t sent Justin anything since then. By I heard back from him that he wanted to publish the poem, I had written another poem about meditation and asked him if he would be interested in looking at a companion piece for the poem he’d accepted. Normally, I wouldn’t bother an editor with such a request. It’s rather rude and aggressive to make such a request. “One should be grateful that the editor accepted one poem and then just wait to submit another” is my general rule of practice. But “The Homily” seemed to fit with “Standing Fan” so comfortably that I took a deep breath and sent my inquiry. Justin was willing to look at the additional poem, and then ended up agreeing rather quickly that the two poems went together.

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