Cargo Ship: Auto Body Shop as Port of Departure

At the beginning of last month (the morning after Rod Bradley’s rooftop celebration of the Fourth of July), I took our 20 year old Oldsmobile in for a paint job. The car had become an eye-sore with its peeling paint, and the month before I had swung by a place recommended by Jim and Jose at Herb and Red’s Auto Repair. We had set up an appointment for its refurbishment, and with extra money coming in from teaching a summer course, this long delayed project was finally on the verge of happening. While waiting for the owner, Andy, to check on another job in progress, I wandered around his shop and checked out other cars that were being stored or worked on. An image that seemed like an outtake from the dream journals of Bruce Conner caught my eye, and and asked Andy if I could take a photo of the interior of one of the cars parked inside his shop. Go right ahead, he said.

The image has not been photoshopped or altered in any way. I took it with my cell-phone, which is an old “flip-top” model. In other words, a quite rudimentary casual device. I have heard that these telephones are so “old-fashioned” now that they have acquired a retro, hip popularity. In my case, I simply have been too busy to devote time to mastering the intricacies of a more advanced model.

Cargo - Andy's Paint Shop

“Cargo Ship” (c) copyright Bill Mohr, 2018.

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