Catherine Christer Hennix (1948-2023)

Saturday, November 25, 2023

The New York Times Book Review has a standard question that they end their brief interviews with: “Name three people you would like to invite to a dinner party.” If I had to mix genres, and I wanted the conversation to be primarily of interest to my guests (even if I myself couldn’t follow the conversation), I would invite Hilma af Klint, Catherine Christer Hennis, and Laura Riding.

After dinner, I would invite them to listen to Michael Hedges’s “Aerial Boundaries” and Wim Martens’s “Maximizing the Audience.”

I admit that I’d never heard of Hennix until she died, but then again I’d never heard of Klint until I saw her work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the mid-1980s. Both Cathay Gleeson and I were deeply moved by her work and felt fortunate to live in a city that was open to exhibiting her work.

Catherine Christer Hennix

The Electric Harpsichord:

ARTFORUM article on Hennix:


To acknowledge her passing in a way she might find acceptable, I include a link I believe to be relevant to her life and work:,84,17,26,101,20,85,18,95,19,22,28


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