Charlie Hebdo

I began yesterday’s post with a description of a cartoon of a suicide bomber. I had no idea when I posted it what would soon transpire in France. I awoke this morning to discover that terrorists (from Yemen, apparently) had murdered 12 people in Paris, including the editor of “Charlie Hebdo,” as well as several of its best-known cartoonists.

I wish we could see what the late Joseph Conrad (of the Los Angeles Times) is drawing right now at the casually austere, yet gleaming desk he has been awarded in heaven for a lifetime devoted to superb satirical commentary. I know that if it were possible, he would be pleased to join the extraordinary outpouring of cartoons that are being published in solidarity with those who sacrificed their lives rather than cease to practice their legitimate right to satirize fanaticism.

Here’s a link to a sequence of cartoons that has as much poignant indignation as can possibly be contained in a single panel of ink and words.

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