D.H. Lawrence and Topanga Canyon

June 22, 2018

Last summer, Linda and I spent a fair amount of time driving from Long Beach to Topanga Canyon, where her sister Brenda was living in the rear rooms of a house on a side road. Sometimes we conveyed her to the City of Hope hospital; other times we just visited and tried to provide her some company. In her final year and a half, the family helped her financially so that she had a place to live near her two extraordinary sons, Mason and Luca.

On one of my morning walks in the area near where she lived, I spotted this covered boat and thought of D.H. Lawrence’s famous didactic poem about the end of one’s life. It has been a little over six months since Brenda set sail. We pray that the voyage has been an unexpectedly joyous one, far beyond what she anticipated, and that she has all the buoyancy she needs.

Topanga Ship of Death - Two

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