Follow-Up to Women’s Marathon Mural (1984 Olympics) Catastrophe

Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019

The first article in the LA Times on the whitewashed mural of the 1984 Women’s Marathon in Los Angeles did not mention the artist’s name until the end of the second paragraph, and then did not once mention her by name in the remainder of the article. This attack on a work of art that honors one of the important milestones (26 of them, in fact) in women’s athletics deserved a more comprehensive article than was first posted in this city’s major newspaper.

Here’s the link to the most recent iteration:

I am pleased that the first two words are: “Judy Baca…”

I remain skeptical about the denial of CalTrans that it was responsible for the mural’s obliteration. I look forward to immediate action on their part to restore the mural, as well as to cooperate with SPARC in preventing such atrocities in the future.

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