April 2, 2020

From “STOP AND FRISK” TO “STOP AND SWAB”: The DNA Feeding Frenzy

Michael Bloomberg’s major public outlet has just given a particularly insidious covert-19 (pun intended) proposal a “legitimate” forum. The American Enterprise Institute, which could be thought of as a pragmatic think tank version of individual possessiveness, is floating the idea of “test-and-trace” with a quick assessment process that would no doubt simultaneously provide the DNA profiles of tens of millions of Americans to be stored, analyzed, and ranked.

The article goes through the obligatory acknowledgement of “privacy concerns” by claiming “tech leaders (are) working on alternate solutions that do contact tracing while preserving anonymity. It’s possible that Apple and Google already have the data to do this.” You think so? Gee, no kidding. In addition, the American Enterprise Institute’s power-point enthusiast knows what would be most desirable in these perilous times: “a national surveillance system to tie local systems together and enable contact tracing throughout the country.” Is that all this new national surveillance system would enable? — Because I certainly hope it’s understood that the AEI is talking about a NEW national surveillance system here, and not merely an expansion of a national surveillance system already in place.

The AEI, in other words, in the guise of deploring “the deep state,” is doing all it can to embed its own “deep state” bureaucracy into national governance, all of which will be judicially inviolable thanks to Mitch McConnell’s stacking of the courts.

In other words, prepare for your DNA to be stopped and frisked. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it except not come into contact with anyone. Michael Bloomberg’s NYC experiment is now ready for prime time coding.

Welcome to the DNA feeding frenzy. Your DNA looks delicious.

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“A Smart Plan to End the U.S. Lockdown Arrives Just in Time” by Noah Smith
Bloomberg March 30, 2020, 4:30 PM PDT