Trump in a Hazmat Suit: “Down the Drain with Donald”

APRIL 1, 2020

Trump in a Hazmat Suit

When I first moved to Los Angeles in 1968, I found myself taking a quick look at the Los Angeles Times for two reasons: Jim Murray’s sports column; and Paul Conrad’s editorial cartoons. “That’s no swimming pool Communist. That’s just Chief Davis, gone off the deep end again.” That may not be the exact punch line, but it will give you some idea of the daily edge that Conrad brought to his drawing and quartering table. He took no political prisoners. With amnesty for none, with disdain for all. Well, I’m exaggerating, but not by much.

This morning, reading an account of Trump’s attempt to backpedal on over two months of perfidious delays with — let’s call it what it is: dapper bullshit worthy only of a novice used car salesman — I had an idea for a cartoon. Unfortunately, I can’t draw well enough to render the scene instantly, but picture this:

*. *. * *

The Setting:
NYC Central Park
Field Hospital
ICU Ward

A bed with a patient that has a chart above the headstand.
Patient name: W.H. Lies

TRUMP IN A HAZMAT SUIT at the foot of the bed: “I’m here to comfort you.”


“You look like you could use a cheerleader.”

*. *. *. *. *

The President said, “You know, I’m a cheerleader for the country.”

We don’t need a cheerleader. What we’ve needed is a Joe Montana. As Governor Inslee said, “We don’t need a backup (quarterback). We need a Tom Brady.”

Perhaps today Trump will hold an April Fools’ press conference in which he acts contrite and apologizes for his inept leadership.

April fools, indeed.

(“Down the Drain with Donald” by Harley Lond. (c) Harley Lond. Used by permission.

*. *. *. *. *

“How Trump let the U.S. fall behind the curve on coronavirus threat”

AND…. “Deep in the Polluted Heart of Texas”:

Down the drain, indeed…..

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