From the Sculpture Notebook


Object mounted at the approximate center of a computer screen:

Extra-large fingernail clipper.

The level and “digger” prong should be extended out in such a way as to be in the position of clock hands: three minutes to midnight.

Title: “You may have stopped chewing your fingernails, but it’s still three minutes to midnight.”

Pile of fingernail clippings on a mouse pad imprinted with an image of an atom bomb cloud.

Potential sound-track: The sound of a fingernail being clipped in the same rhythm of a grandfather clock’s tick tock, mixed with an electronically elongated version of the music to the line “Pray for peace, people, everywhere,” from the Christmas song written in October, 1962 by Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne Baker. Prayers, however, are simply the start of the actions needed to secure a permanent reduction of the Defense Department’s 520 billion dollar annual budget to a half-million dollar maintenance budget for a war memorial museum.






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