Gen V (Awry): Corporate Vaccines and the Self-Innoculation of Wall Street

Sunday, October 11, 2020

“Gen V” is a reference to the use of alphabetical letters to suggest a generation cluster in a general population (gen X; gen Y). In this case, Gen V also refers to all of the generations being subject to a new technological “thought experiment.”

I would like to call your attention to a recent explanation of what is being done to develop a vaccine against covid-19:

“Moderna’s vaccine uses genetic material from the virus, known as mRNA, to prompt cells in the body to make a fragment of the virus that will train the immune system to fight off an infection.
The vaccine is now in a Phase 3 study that enrolled more than 25,000 of its intended 30,000 volunteers …. A total of 151 cases — spread between the vaccine and placebo groups — will be enough to determine whether the vaccine is 60 percent effective. The Food and Drug Administration has set the bar at 50 percent.”

Could we hit the pause button here?

This amounts to a trial run for genetically established herd immunity.


This is not a vaccine experiment.

This is a genetic experiment.

And we will be the lucky ones to be its test subjects on a mass scale.

Were we asked which kind of approach should be used to develop a vaccine?


Instead, companies driven by an insatiable desire for money, wealth, and technological power are making the decision without the slightest input from us.

I am wondering, in fact, if there will be any explanatory literature provided to people before they take the vaccine. When the choice was made to use a genetic approach, was that done because the effectiveness of the vaccine would be higher? What has been the percentage of effectiveness in past vaccines? Was “the bar” for vaccine effectiveness for smallpox and polio set at 60 percent? Or 50 percent?

There’s something here that seems “off.”

At what point, in fact, is 60 percent immunity an acceptable figure?

Given that seniors and communities of color are the ones most in danger, how many tens of thousands will die because of this low effectiveness figure? I suppose those who die in 2022 from the lingering remnants of the covid-19 will be categorized as having “underlying conditions,” but will anybody stop to consider the “underlying conditions” of the corporate process that did not result in a truly efficacious vaccine with a high success rate?

There is another “underlying condition” at work, too. Our society is only too willing to extermineate the elderly. “Thank you for your lifetime of hard work. Now fuck off. You heard me, you old creep- — die!”

But the most pernicious “underlying condition” is the untrammeled right of corporations to impose their experiment on us without our informed consent.

Do I trust science? As a process, yes.

Do I trust every scientifically developed product? Ask the polar ice cap if it trusts the oil industry.

I want to emphasize that I am not against vaccines. I am against corporations that inoculate themselves from any critique, however, and who will no doubt deny responsibility and liability for any deleterious outcome of the vaccine in the decades to come.

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