“GET USED TO IT”: Cartoons to Keep Our Dour Spirits Buoyant

Friday, July 24, 2020

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by Muriel Schneps

Is this description or praise? A poet once called a poem, “the brain braining”. The same might be said of Muriel’s ‘cartoons’, as so many of them tap into that unmapped territory of consciousness that has suddenly awoken from a deep sleep, only to be thrust into human wakefulness, able to x-ray the fantastically strange funny-bones of each.

Is Muriel a comic? I think so, having seen these pieces now many times and laughing again every time I see them. A social critic? Definitely. An artist? Yes, only an artist could render her subject matter with such deadly humorous precision. ‘Get Used to It’ is not only the personal record of highs and lows of recovery from life threatening circumstances, it’s the comi-tragic tale of our times.

-Brooks Roddan, IFSF Publishing