Happy 70th Birthday, Laurel Ann Bogen!!!!!!!

LAB - Birthday
(card credit: Linda Fry)

Happy 70th Birthday, Laurel Ann Bogen!

Hello, Laurel Ann —

It’s 7 a.m. and still quiet outside, as it has been all week long, with the Great Sequestering turning daily life into a pantomime of minimalism. I am sipping my second cup of coffee and wishing that Linda, you and I could spend the day together. Since that won’t be possible, I hereby commence THIS day’s observances by sending you our fondest birthday wishes.

Bravo on reaching 70!!!! What a triumph! Truly, the rest of whatever is to come only asks of us that we reign well over the providence of the decades that have been (and still might be) given to us.

May you be the Queen of Stand Up Poetry, and Shoe, and the Memory of Chumley! “Supremo” in your performances, with every standing ovation that you so abundantly deserve — So be it!

Bill and Linda

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