Harry E. Northup: The Poet Laureate of East Hollywood (Emeritus)

Monday, March 23, 2020

After appearing in several dozen films and television series, Harry E. Northup, poet and actor, has retired from his lifelong profession as an actor. If he was a superb character actor whose devotion to his craft caught the attention of some of the best directors in the field — including Martin Scorsese and Jonathan Demme, then he also remains a poet whose work has earned the affectionate admiration of some of the best readers of poetry in the United States, who also happen to live in Los Angeles. Northup of course has his admirers elsewhere, too, but his core support is in the city where he also fashioned himself into a singular blend of cinematic poetics backlit by the cinema itself.

Today, I wish to call to your attention a new interview with Harry:

John Wisniewski interviews Harry E. Northup on “am/fm magazine”:

Harry E. Northup: From Acting In Martin Scorsese Films to Writing Poetry





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