L.A. Times Obituary for Fred Dewey

Thursday, June 10, 2021

I just finished reading the obituary in the Los Angeles Times for Fred Dewey; and I was struck by how the institution that he worked for so long on behalf of was a living presence in the article. It was the rare kind of obituary that revealed as much about the loved one as the lover, for Dewey and Beyond Baroque were culturally “married” to each other; by artistic standards, in fact, in which a half-decade can appear to demarcate generational shifts in schools and movements, Dewey’s long tenure at Beyond Baroque was more enduring than anyone could have anticipated when he took over the organization at one of its weakest junctures.

The obituary is for the immediate public record. Still to come will be the memorial, an event that will be worth recording for the ways it will give depth to this first summation of a most unusual person.


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