“THE SPIGOT”: The Jade Plant’s Zodiac Sign (The Lizard)

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The drought is back in full force, as I feared it would be, but the plants in my yard are nevertheless thirsty. Unfortunately, the City of Long Beach will only pay to convert the yards of home owners (but no renters) to drought-friendly vegetation.

I was giving some water to one of the milkweed plants beside our house the other day and noticed a stationary lizard at the top of the jade plant. I tugged the hose so that the water could flow around the three-foot high avocado tree that is growing where the Indian Plum tree used to be, took the pictures below, and hurried to the spigot. By the time I got the water shut off and back to the jade plant, the lizard was gone.

“What’s your sign?” was a common, casual inquiry several decades ago. I have no predictions to offer, other than this might be the final conjunction of animal and plant with my own dailiness that I will ever record, or at least the last one until I manage to learn from meditation what my next poem needs to prepare me for.


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