Link to Audio for Poetry in the Windows VI

Monday, April 21, 2014

On Saturday, April 19, the Arroyo Arts Collective held a Poetry in the Windows walk in which poets whose poems had been selected for display in store front windows walked up and down N. Figueroa Street and read their poems. Linda Hoag, a fine poet herself, has just sent me a link to the recordings of the poems that are imprinted into the corner of the posters for downloading.

In addition to my poem, “Scorpio in the Summer,” you can also hear poems by Linda Albertano, Lois P. Jones, Jenny Factor, Helene Cardona, Erika Ayon, Yvonne Estrada, Liz Gonzalez, Steve Kowit, Victoria Melekian, Ceci Peri, Marilyn Robertson, Candace Pearson, Sherman Pearl, Charles Harper Webb, Sonya Sones, Mary Torregrassa, Thom Cagle., and Charles Hood.

Treat yourself to a half-hour of auditory bliss. I heard many of these poems read outside such stores such as the Bird Man Pet (Store), Delicias Bakery, Quick’r Print’r, the Slow Culture Gallery, Highland Appliances, Folliero’s Pizza, and the Bearded Beagle. Appropriately enough, I read my poem on the sidewalk outside the Twinkletoes Dance Studio and I thank the owner for putting my poem in her window. I am hardly along in my gratitude; all the poets appreciate the storeowners who have helped make our poems visible as well as giving us a platform to make them audible.

Here’s the link:

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