LIVESTREAMED — The 50th Annual New Year’s Day Reading at St. Mark’s (NYC)

LIVESTREAMED — The New Year’s Day Marathon (NYDM) of Poetry from the St. Mark’s Poetry Project (2024)

Beyond Baroque, in Venice, California, and The Poetry Project, in NYC, are the two oldest major alternative poetry sites in the United States. Both have been operating for more than a half-century; 2024 will mark the 50th time that a mass reading has taken place to kick off the new year. The announcement of this year’s event is full of well-earned selfie wiz: “NYDM is … a mutually agreed upon fever-dream …. (of) like-minded freaks.”

The Poetry Project’s 50th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon will begin at 11AM on January 1st and go to about midnight. The event will be divided into two parts: 11AM–5PM and 6PM–midnight.

The entire event will also be livestreamed. Livestream tickets are donation-based, $5–15 suggested. Separate tickets for each part.

Featured poets include:
Edmund Berrigan
Don Yorty
Greg Masters
Sarah Schulman
Todd Colby
John Godfrey
Brenda Coultas
Eleni Sikelianos
Lee Ann Brown
Patricia Spears Jones
Erica Hunt
Edwin Torres with Sean Meehan
Anselm Berrigan
Fred Moten
Cecilia Vicuña
Kim Rosenfield
Eileen Myles with Ryan Sawyer and Steve Gunn
Karen Finley
Rachel Levitsky
Chelsea Manning
Anne Waldman
Jim Behrle

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