Magra Press Reading — featuring Ronk; Phillips; Lloyd; Burns; and Mohr

5:00 p.m.
Magra Press Reading
at North Figueroa Bookstore

The past four months have provided me with a chance to be part of more poetry readings than the previous three years combined. Subsequent to reading at the Los Angeles Downtown Public Library, in Augusst, in an event organized by Lynne Thompson, I read at Page Against the Machine twice (once with Fred Voss, and another for BEAT NOT BEAT); Dizzy on Vinyl Record Store; the Sacramento Poetry Center; and the Davis Poetry Reading Series curated by Dr. Andy Jones. Richard Modiano also interviewed me for KPFK, and I gave a talk at PAMLA in Portland.

To wrap up all this touring, please join me at North Figueroa Bookshop, Sunday afternoon, December 10 at 5pm., to celebrate
Magra Books 2023 publications. Magra will feature Lorenzo Mari’s Cancellations, Bill Mohr’s
Displacements and Amy Allara’s Eight, with in-person readings and book signings by Mohr,
and Magra author’s Avery Burns, David Lloyd, Dennis Phillips and Martha Ronk also featured.
Magra Books editors Sean Pessin and Paul Vangelisti will be on hand to introduce and discuss
their project.

For more information about Magra Books, visit

North Figueroa Bookshop is located in Highland Park at 6040 North Figueroa Street.
Admission is free but seating is limited. Accessible entrance is around the corner through the
parking lot. North Figueroa Bookshop does not have parking for customers, but there is street
parking available around Highland Park Pool and the Arroyo Seco Library..

At the website for Magra Books, you can also find a tile to click on for Episode 6 of Magra Radio:
“The Aging Comedian as Letter N” by Bill Mohr.

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