Part Five of the Interlitq Anthology of California Poets

David Garyan, a poet born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, has been living in Italy for the past several years and doing more to promote international recognition of West Coast poetry than anyone since Paul Vangelisti and John McBride did INVISIBLE CITY magazine and Red Hill Press in the 1970s. Among other projects, Along with publisher Peter Robertson, Garyan has been editing a multi-part anthology of California poets, the fifth increment of which has just been published in INTERLITQ (International Literary Quarterly).

The following poets are featured in this latest assemblage: Millicent Borges Accardi, Kim Addonizio, Marjorie R. Becker, Jacqueline Berger, John Brandi, James Cagney, Carol Moldaw, Kosrof Chantikian, Brendan Constantine, James Cushing, Kim Dower, David Garyan, Valentina Gnup, Troy Jollimore, Judy Juanita, Paul Lieber, Rick Lupert, Glenna Luschei, Sarah Maclay, Jim Natal, Judith Pacht, Connie Post, Jeremy Radin, Luis J. Rodriguez, Gary Soto, Cole Swensen, Arthur Sze, Charles Upton, and Scott Wannberg (In Memoriam).

I know the work of about two-thirds of these poets. What makes their adjacency in collection particularly interesting is that it generates an interesting theoretical “game”: which poets would you pair up in a reading series? If I get enough suggestions for a ten week reading series, two poets per week, I will run the imaginary schedules along with my own pairing up. Send your reading rotations to (William DOT Bill Mohr….)

I hope all is going well for all of my readers. If any of you believe in the power of sending Healing thoughts out into the universe, our fellow poet Doug Knott could certainly use that energy right now. Hang in there, Doug. We need you here in Los Angeles!

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