Paul Vangelisti on Dolores Dorantes’s “COPY” and Kyle Harvey’s “Cosmograpies”

Friday, September 30, 2022

Several months ago, Robin Myers, a poet who co-translated my poems into Spanish for the Bonobos Editores edition pf PRUEBAS OCULTAS, wrote me and mentioned that WAVE Books was publishing her translation of Dolores Dorantes’s “COPY” and asked if I could help get the word out. Shortly afterwards, I was talking to Paul Vangelisti and he asked me if I knew of anything recent that would be worth his attention as a reviewer. I mentioned the book by Dorantes and got a copy to him the day before he left for Italy. While he was there, he worked on the review and I am delighted to report that Paul’s review has just been published.
Copiously: On Dolores Dorantes’s “Copy” and Kyle Harvey’s “Cosmographies”
September 17, 2022 • By Paul Vangelisti

I am also very happy to pass on the good news that Robin Myers has just had a poem published in “BEST POEMS OF THE YEAR.”

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