Poetic Diversity — “August Days, Autumn Nights”

About two months ago, I received a note from Marie Lecrivain, the editor and publisher of poeticdiversity, that the haiku sequence she had accepted for the next issue (November, 2019) had also been selected as one of her nominations for the Pushcart Prize. She asked all the nominees not to say anything about it until the on-line issue was actually published.

As of this morning, 11/24, volume 16, no. 2 of poeticdiversity is available at this link:


The other nominees are:

Deborah Edler Brown: “Bhuddi”
Kathie Giorgio: “Crickets”
Terry McCarty: “Yet Another Poem About Guns”
Cynthia Linville: “When We Were Girls”
Davide Trame: “In the Dandelions’ Show”

It should be noted that poeticdiversity’s Pushcart nominees have twice before (2005; 2017) made it to the semi-finals, which is no small achievement given the towering vortex of nominations. Regardless of the outcome, I am grateful that she believed my work deserved to be singled out as among the better pieces, and look forward to including this poem in a book in the not too distant future.

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