Covid Cartoons

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I scripted a cartoon called “Trump in a Hazmat Suit” a couple weeks ago, and since then other ideas have continued to arrive. Once again, you’ll have to do the drawings in your head.

Number One:

A MAGA-hatted crowd, with T-shirts reading “I”m C-19 Positive,” cheers Federal troops who are launching tear-gas at BLM protestors:
“Make those anarchists stop wearing masks!”

**** ******. *******.

Number Two:

Beach scene: Young, lithe bodies, scantily attired.

An old woman, wearing a mask, says to a young woman stretched out on a beach blanket, “The virus is glad to see that your face has less covering that your breasts.”

Would this be considered a sexist cartoon by feminist scholars?

One way to understand the privilege of patriarchal culture is to consider the entire “communication circuit” of the Cold War’s containment culture. If this pandemic had happened in 1975 or 1985, I can imagine a cartoonist pitching the editorial staff at Playboy magazine with the same drawing, but with a man wearing a mask, and holding binoculars in one hand. The caption in that case would read one of two ways: “Too bad your face has less covering than your tits”; or, “Too bad your tits have more covering than your face.” Regardless of the caption, the gaze of and at the audience reinforces the access to domination represented by the allure of representational power.

*. ****. ******

Number Three:

Trump in a baseball locker room, holding up his jersey (Number 45): “Of course they should retire ny number.”


The Presidential Hall of Fame Statistics

Average Presidential Hall of Fame Statistics:
Number of Innings: 2,500 innings (accounting for terms cut short by assassination or illness)
(“Innings” reporesent one day in office)
Number of Earned Runs Allowed: 450
E.R.A.: 1.50
HRs Allowed: 275
Wild Pitches: 35
WAR (Win above Replacement: 60.50

Number of Innings: 1,461
Number of Earned Runs Allowed: 2,945
E.R.A.: (Too painfully high to calculate to the final decimal point, but over 18.00)
Wild Pitches: 873
Hit Batters: 382
HRs Allowed: 1,368
WAR (Win above Replacement): Minus 44

If I end today’s post with a baseball locker room cartoon, it is in part because I read in the L.A. Times on-line, on Wednesday evening, July 29th, that the Miami Marlins has had more than half of their active roster test positive for COVID-19. I have had that report confirmed:
“Major League Baseball has officially paused the season of the Miami Marlins until Monday now that half the active roster has tested positive for coronavirus.”

Over two and a half months ago, President Donald Trump said that “(Covid-19) is going to go away without a vaccine. …. You may have some — some flare-ups …. Maybe not. … We’ll be able to put them out. …. eventually, it’s going to be gone….. that doesn’t mean this year, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be gone, frankly, by the fall or after the fall. But eventually, it’s going to go away.”

This is called playing footsie with the facts of how epidemics work.

Trump Baselessly Claims Coronavirus Will ‘Go Away’ Without Vaccine

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