Ralph Angel (1951 – 2020): Link to His Memorial at Beyond Baroque

Sunday, March 28, 2021

“Poetry is the language for which we have no language.” — Ralph Angel

Two weeks ago, Beyond Baroque sponsored a memorial tribute to the late Ralph Angel, a poet who may have resided in Southern California most of his adult life but whose poems reveled in embracing all the myriad ways that language can encounter the world and reveal the disguises of its underpinnings. The memorial was led by Ralph’s widow, Mary Angel, who told those in attendance that Beyond Baroque was the site of their first unofficial date. Mary has passed along the link to the memorial so that those who missed it can share in this celebration of Ralph Angel’s poetry.

I myself particularly recall a brief conversation I had with Ralph near the poetry section of Dutton’s Bookstore on San Vicente Boulevard. He had given a reading and I had purchased one of his books. I miss that bookstore, where I had the pleasure of hearing many writers over the years. But in the little time left to me, I will wince at not having Ralph as a poet to grow old alongside of.

Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/GNFEENHPX-g

https://ralphangel.com/ and/or https://ralphangel.online/

Some additional links:






My Body’s Devotion: Poems — Ralph Angel

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