Richard Modiano Interviews Bill Mohr on POETS CAFE (KPFK)

Thursday, November 30, 2023

I got an email a few days ago from someone who had heard me being interviewed by Richard Modiano on KPFK’s POETS CAFE. I did a little browsing on the internet and I’m pleased to report that the interview can be accessed at the following link:

This is just part pne of the interview, which was recorded about three months ago.
Hosted by Richard Modiano
Produced by Marlena Bond
Originally broadcast on KPFK 90.7 FM 11/29/23

Some of the literary magazines that published poetry referred to in this interview can be found in the following list:

Literary Magazines in Los Angeles or adjacent counties (1948-2023)

Line (three issues published in the late 1940s)
Variegation (Grover Jacoby, Jr.)
Recurrence (Grover Jacoby, Jr.)
California Quarterly (Tom McGrath)
Coastlines (Gene Frumkin; Mel Weisburd)
Trace (James Boyer May)
Nomad (Don Factor; Anthony Link)
Beyond Baroque (New; Newletters; Magazine) — George Drury Smith, et al. (James Krusoe; Lynn Shoemaker)
Laugh Literary (Charles Bukowski)
Invisible City (Paul Vangelisti;John McBride)
Sunset Palms Hotel (Michael C. Ford)
Bachy (John Harris; Leland Hickman)
Momentum (Bill Mohr)
Intermedia (Harley W. Long)
Electrum (Roger Suva)
Third Rail (Uri Hertz; Loren Robbins)
Rara Avis (Aleida Rodriguez; Jacqueline De Angelis)
NeWorld (Inner City Cultural Center)
Chrysalis (Woman’s Building)
CQ: California State Poetry Quarterly. 1972 – 2020. Between 1976-1980, edited in Los Angeles by Kenneth Atchity)
Nausea/Maelstrom Review (Leo Mailman)
Urthkin (Larry Ziman)
Con Safos ( )
ChismeArte (Manazar Gamboa; Guillermo Bejarano)
Little Caesar (Dennis Cooper)
Barney (Jack Skelley)
Snap (Amy Gerstler and Lori Cohen)
Asylum (Greg Boyd)
Marilyn (Peter Schneidre)
Pearl (Joan Jobe Smith; Barbara Hauk; Marilyn Johnson)
Boxcar (Leland Hickman; Paul Vangelisti)
Sulfur (Clayton Eshleman)
Temblor (Leland Hickman)
Santa Monica Review (James Krusoe; founding editor; Anthony Tonkovich)
Bakunin (Jordan Jones)
Blue Satellite (Amelie Frank and Matthew Niblock)
Tsunami (Lee Rossi)
Saturday Afternoon Journal
Blue Window
Poetry L.A. (Helen Friedland)
ONTHEBUS (Jack Grapes, Michael Andrews)
Arshile (Mark Salerno)
Caffeine (Rob Cohen)
Ribot (Paul Vangelisti)
New Review of Literature (Paul Vangelisti)
OR (Paul Vangelisiti; Otis College of Art and Design)
Parrot (Matthew Timmons)
Shattersheet (April and Jim Burns)
The Moment (S.A. Griffin)
Sic (Vice and Verse) — (S.A. Griffin; R.J. Alvarado)
Spillway (Marsha de la O; Phil Lummox (R.D. Armstrong)
Lana Turner (Cal Bedient and David Lau)
Pool (Patty Seyburn; Judith Taylor)
Caliban (on-line) (Lawrence R. Smith)
Los Angeles Review (Red Hen Press; Kate Gale)
sin cesar (drylands) — (founded, 2015)
Cultural Weekly; Cultural Daily (Alexis Rhone Fancher, Poetry Editor)
Rattle (Timothy Green)

It should also be noted that there were other editors working on magazines published outside of Los Angeles. Jean Burgen, for instance, editoed Yankee magazine for several decades.

Finally, many colleges in Southern California have published on a regular basis a literary magazine. CSU Long Beach (RipRap); Cal State L.A. (Statement); UCLA (Jacaranda Review); CUC Irvine (Faultline); etc.

Aya Tarlow was the editor, I believe, of Matrix: For She of the New Aeon.

Bill Mohr is a professor in the Department of English at California State University, Long Beach. He has a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California, San Diego, and has taught at CSU Long Beach since 2006. In addition to being an internationally recognized poet, Mohr has worked as an editor and publisher (Momentum Press, 1974-1988) and literary scholar and historian. His poems, prose poems and creative prose have appeared in dozens of magazines in the past 40 years, including 5 AM, Antioch Review, Beyond Baroque, Blue Collar Review, Blue Mesa Review, Caliban (On-line), KYSO (Knock Your Socks Off) Miramar, ONTHEBUS, OR, Santa Monica Review, Skid Row Penthouse, Solo Nolo, Sonora Review, Spot, Upstreet, Wormwood Review, and ZYZZYVA. His poems have also appeared in a dozen anthologies, including all three editions of Charles Harper Webb’s Stand Up Poetry (1989, 1992; 2002); Suzanne Lummis’s Grand Passion and Wide Awake; and Coiled Serpent, from Tia Chuca Press. Mohr is one of less than a half-dozen Los Angeles-based poets to have appeared in all editions of those anthologies.

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