SAG and WGA Strikes — Labor Day Solidarity

Monday, July 17th

I talked with S.A. Griffin this past weekend about several things, including an event to honor the poet and actor Harry E. Northup at Beyond Baroque on Saturday, September 16. About 25 poets have been invited to take part in this celebration of his writing and I’m looking forward to it very much.

In the meantime, both the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) are on strike, and S.A. is walking the picket line. As we continued our conversation via text messages, both of us acknowledged that these simultaneous strikes will one day be looked back upon as turning points in the struggle for human dignity. The corporations that insist on imposing absolute control on the economic, social, and cultural agency of working people are not settling for half-way measure in 2023. Corporate aggrandizement is truly after total domination.

I am not a member of SAG or WGA, but in solidarity with their cause, I propose that all working people in Los Angeles set aside their Labor Day holiday this year, on Monday, September 4, and take part in marches across the entire county of Los Angeles in support of our sisters and brothers in these unions.

Now it’s possible that these strikes will be settled by the end of August, but I doubt it. If not, it’s imperative that a massive turnout increase public pressure and force the corporations to relent.


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