A SAG Strike Poem by S.A. Griffin

(left-to-right: Hassan; Rep. Adam Schiff; and S.A. Griffin at the Netflix picket, Wilton & Sunset.)

This Actor Kills Fascists
This machine kills fascists – on Woody Guthrie’s guitar

as actors and writers
we are the dream language of
popcorn and celluloid lions
the philosophy of light and sound
and their flickering byproduct
a creative disagreement in action
as spectacle on full view

we stand before A.I.
the new wheel
a Promethean spark
the bright edge of a
blistering sunrise

the evil it is
that it can be
we are

for too long we have been divided
by fantasies of an Easy Street
allowing the power brokers and their elected messengers
to wage war on humanity

and now it is time for us to
wage war for humanity

pain is human
and these human machines that
make machines human
must feel our pain

if in our action
we do not inflict substantial pain
our pain will be that much greater

the feral creatures of our creative existence
our collective suspension of disbelief
is what is at stake here

as curious children
doubt follows belief

but first
we must

– S.A. Griffin

July 14, 2023
The First Day of the SAG-AFTRA Strike with WGA
Woody Guthrie’s birthday

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